May 31, 2013

I experienced that creativity is not just about designs, colours and different forms of graphics. It is ideas that you can generate to help give solutions to problems, brainstorm ideas and solutions and so on.

I am thankful to Prof Dr. Tina Seelina for providing us such great contents and information, which will definitely prove helpful through out our lives personally, professional and acadmically. From writing a book, collecting ideas and values from everywhere we go, re-valuing chewing gums in a whole different ways with so many different ideas, combining different materials to create a whole new piece of important unuseless materials, to brainstorming ideas. Everything from cultivating ideas, brainstorming among teams to realize their potentials and then using those ideas to combine together as something different, getting an opportunity to learn from others. This course has opened up ideas and views that I could never have thought or cultivate on my own.