Call me apathetic! I deserve it.

March 14, 2012

I feel shallow inside,
I ask myself why?
I do nothing,
sit around idle.
Eat, sleep and shit.
The sun rise is vague,
I’v never seen it.
The sun set is boring,
I’v never missed it.
The day is long,
I wake up to it.
I wait for the moon,
So I can dunk in my bed.
I skip counting the stars,
they make me paranoid.
I hate reality,
it suffocates me.
I live on dreams,
they define me.

(MoJo, March 14th, 2012)


I want you

March 9, 2012

Like memories they seem,
the smile, the touch.
The kiss that concealed my thoughts,
they still titiliate my brains.
The smell that aroused my senses,
They worked well untill now.
I try to trace it in everything,
you left behind, but in vain.
We are so much in love,
with so little of what we want.
In these lucid emotions,
I am happy I have you.
I just wish I could touch you.
Not untill now,
I dint want to hold hands.
Now I wish I could hold yours.
Now I wish and I wish.

(Moi, March 12, 2012)