FIrst Year Love Anniversary

I’ve been silly my whole life! Have had been awful my whole life! Somehow I always focused on Love, When I turn back the pages of my diary some 8 years back! I see I was love sick!! Rather not being in a realtionship was and had always been my mantra! but somehow one way or the other I always ended up with someone, someone as in knowing someone personally , always being a good friend or someone’s love interest. Shockingly, looking back and turning the pages, I think I promoted all that was going on around me, though I never welcomed them personally.

Love was so important to me that I rant about love, give my own definitions to love, celebrated love and thought love was pure and humongous. Well love still is humongous , but I’d rather say I witnessed it differntly when i was a child! I was a 14 years old silly kid! Anyways now that time has passed and left me with a slight scar that is rather healing , still healing in the long 8 years time. I’d say I m glad I have that scar, but now I’d rather want it to vanish and make things smooth!  Everything may look smooth from the outer world! But it will rather have a scar within me for always and I know that. Looking back at how things went and ended and commenced again. I have no regrets as of now! and I think that is a good way to start living each day refined.

One Year of Relationship,

Months of Togetherness,

Weeks of Memories,

Days of Rememberance,

Hours of Sentiments,

Minutes of Care,

Seconds of Love for eachother,

Thats what We share

-MJ (6th March , 2004, Dharan)


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