Summed it all up! Ma vie

November 12, 2010

I wrote a book, when I was 10,
& Yes, that was with a black Pen.

I don’t remember the pages,
But no, they weren’t of sages.

I wanted to try a fairy tale,
The fairy I created was a male.

He was lovely and kind,
anything done, he wouldn’t mind.

He played serene music with flute,
After that I dint write anything & I got mute.

I grew up, about 15 or 16,
I looked around, the world turned mean.

I wanted to write about love and life,
But everything felt sharp as a knife.

I fell in love, that’s what I thought,
Until I came across another guy, I’d never sought.

& then I realized love was never my cuppa tea,
I measured it as small as the size of a pea.

Now I’m 23,
I claim to be free.

My friends are in love, they’r sticking to it,
Me over here, I’m still clueless about it.

I know, I’m nothing like them,
But you just cant call it lame.

I want to go around, see different faces,
Someday I plan to go around, difficult places.

And so, I don’t want you to remember me,
Because someday, I may never come back, you see!!!!