The final decision

“I had the best childhood and the best days growing up with my frends and everyone especially everybody around KU. The best  friends ever. But as I sit here and think of times tat will soon be with me! i realize tat i’ll be old (litreally old) one day! unable to enjoy my life! as i did once, and yet if i screw up my studies today only enjoying my life everyday in this youth. I’d screw up my old age life too. because i know i’d be rocking my life then too. So, with tat! this 2 years of my life! I dedicate it to my hardwork and patience! which will soon be must best guardian towards the end of  my life. Because one day. I’d be gone to some wonderland! all because of this studious 2 years and I dont care. Because then I’d be happy. I worked decently to get here.”   -Amen


One Response to The final decision

  1. manoj says:

    You were able to touch the tip of my dream which I failed but accumulated huge experience..I don’t have any huge dream to chase anymore but u certainly have..probably you’ll share your commitment more with urself through ur post..I’ll read your journey and will b with you just like ur shadow….

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