All in a days work!!!

September 20, 2010

Anyways.. now this girl,has been working on something really important! But U don’t get the answer right!!! Tired of the intaarnet, her friend for all of her perplex situations.
Looks at the system clock! Its bloody 1.30AM already,and all she’s done yet is her thread implementations and nothing more.

Stumbling late in the dark! The stairs are huge! It’s a pain to climb up!at this hour of time…But nothing else crosses her mind, except for the stress she just wants it to go. She’s taking her laptop with her to the terrace, every walk is like a slow motion of music right into her ears, doesn’t care much about the surroundings, people talking in mobile phones, they always do out here. Thud thud!! “When I climb down to set free,she took me in again”.she don’t want it to stop! She’s always loved it and it still feels at peace to listen to eddie singing that song, and this time this is so for Her, only her!!
Finally the terrace is here, and it’s the end of the song.She imagines! McCandless waving back!

She found a blunt cornor, underneath the group of those huge solar panel!because she knew no one would dare come in the terrace at the hour of time.But anyways, she lit a cigg, with a matchstick! No lighter accompanied her to the terrace and the bloody cancer stick could spark with any thing tat produced a spark of fire! The iTunes in her machine played on, this time it was John Mayer, playing “Perfectly Lonely” talking to herself, her left hand occupied with the stick, in between her index finger and the middle finger.It just slipped perfectly in that area. She mummbled back!”Perfect song”, and how she  wished, if only a single lifeless soul could accompany her to the haunted terrace!


The final decision

September 5, 2010

“I had the best childhood and the best days growing up with my frends and everyone especially everybody around KU. The best  friends ever. But as I sit here and think of times tat will soon be with me! i realize tat i’ll be old (litreally old) one day! unable to enjoy my life! as i did once, and yet if i screw up my studies today only enjoying my life everyday in this youth. I’d screw up my old age life too. because i know i’d be rocking my life then too. So, with tat! this 2 years of my life! I dedicate it to my hardwork and patience! which will soon be must best guardian towards the end of  my life. Because one day. I’d be gone to some wonderland! all because of this studious 2 years and I dont care. Because then I’d be happy. I worked decently to get here.”   -Amen