Wckd Wckd Weirdos and Weirdonts

Whats weird is not going to a classroom with empty hands, and a ball point pen that remains in your pocket till u go drop dead in your hostel bed, and listening to the gauffs that the professor try exremly hard to stingent in  your mind and u force back to completely somewhat partially get it outta your head, not inetentionally but since you have had a rough nite,  that u slept @ 10 and woke up @ 7 and “still” you have heavy eyelids and you are fighting every moment with the time counting each seconds to pass and dreaming about what you would do if you were there ( outta the campus faternity,way outta the city and somewhere u wish you were enjoying each moment with someone who could understand what you go through everday and then every dream ends with you realizing that the only person you can spend time is you yourself).
How you wished you were elated by the surroundings, by the class rooms, and then u wish and wish.

Another O! so weird thing is having to watch a couple one in kurta the other in a totall formal pants and walking with clampped hands together in the middle of the Institute ailse, and me in a jaw dropping situation of seeing them ample together with a lovalable expression .

(Still have more to add, just reminiscing what things???, till ‘en read on )


2 Responses to Wckd Wckd Weirdos and Weirdonts

  1. Yash Raj says:

    weird.. yet interesting but I don’t know how…

  2. Manoj Pokharel says:

    The para. in italics precisely portrait common human feelings..nice catch..

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