the Guy that was

Loitering around damped places, in dark moments, he would look above at the stars, shining and twinkling brightly in the dark vigorously large vacuum, and wish he had someone to hold hands and share his longings, someone to share his breathe with, someone everybody around were lucky with, and not him.
He lost love once, but still had immense faith in it, even after loosing everything else, he once owned. He believed love had answers to all his longings. He knew what the world has turned out to be, completely different than what he wanted from it. He knew, he had to chase love, only to know he’d fall down every time in his search.
Every night, he would light a reefer and think, what if? He longed for love, he longed for love from a female, someone he could count on, someone who would trust him, and him, her. Someone he could share his stories with, who would listen to his life otherwise? He had lived long.
He wanted the world to know him, he was different. But who is to blame, this world cannot judge someone immensely, because it failed numerous times, and learned each time to judge a person with the same perception, and we cannot blame the world for it, you were just born in the wrong era my friend.


6 Responses to the Guy that was

  1. ko ko!! says:

    Isn’t it somewhat ironic that you as a female is the protagonist of a writing that has a man’s perspective? What sparked this? Anyway I feel it is not too far off from what a guy thinks.

  2. angelrex says:

    there is no irony in it! just trying to describe a guy that i once knew, he was a character, someone difficult to portray in a picture, but yet! plain and elegant enuff to understand.

  3. ko ko!! says:

    he must have been preety close to you to know such detailed perspective of him. well written though!!

  4. Earthian says:

    hmmm! well i have already guessed that guy!! may b i m right or may b not..:D nyways nice job dear! i enjoyed reading the guy that was…

  5. Yash Raj says:

    well well,
    nice to see you start writing again.. love to read your texts..
    well, this sad story I think every lover goes through once a life.. falls and sands again ( at least the male dynasty ) experience it…
    will love to read about your own gender also..
    Nice to see you picturing male manobaigyan…

  6. Manoj Pokharel says:

    The way you write and talk for me is just like a coin with 2 face…I want to see the author part more.. (don’t get offended as ppl. can open their view in different ways..just like Yash Raj,Earthian,Koko responded..)

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