Joingin groups in facebook, what does it eventually symbolize?

February 10, 2010

Facebook as we know it a very attractive invention of Mark Zucherberg! indeed many of you are addicted to it.You probably, update ur status, view photos and comment and play games. The other aspect of a social networking site is you get to meet new people like “You” and then you start a group, invite people to be its member, and post some discussion topics and then WHAT?? [?].
What does it eventually end up with? People getting together is a good practice, but what after that do we even have anything active apart from that?
There’z this new group in facebook ‘Die Nepal Banda’, and the number of members are increasing by day.There’z been comments and discussion regarding that but who is actually stepping forward?? Nepal is in a situation where the country is dominated by political mass activites, which in itself is unstable, rather than economic and tradition counterparts. These disadvantages will certainly diminish the country’s reputation.
Do we, the youths of Nepal even care about the situtation the country will be in after 2 years or so???????