Nepali hunu ko garva

You know you are a nepali when::::

# No you dont have colorful hair.
# You are shy, to be the one to approach first.
# You love momo and waiwai.
# Amrika is the future destination.
# Tea is something you prefer anytime anywhere.
# You tend to be attracted to foreign nationals, with hair unlike yours, white skin and colorful eyes.
# You love serving foreign nationals, when a nepali and a foreinger ask u for a help, you help them first.
# You know Edmund Hillary climed mount everest with Tenzing Norgay, but who else did afterwards?
# You pick up anything thats free, except brochures that look boring but if its got more than 3 pages you pick it up.
# Doctors and Engineers are what most parents dream for their children, over business and law.
# There are about uncountable GODs! because you donot know all of their names.
# You love your country this way, age huda bahira gaera kamaune, age gaepachi nepal ma aera aaram ko jeevan bitaune.
# You still respect Late King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev.
# You see an ulta chappal you get sad for having seen a bad luck and then u turn it right in the hope of not having one.
# A cat crosses the road ahead of you, you stop for a while, let someone cross the road first and then u move ahead.
# You are afraid to step on any paper, or pen (You don’t want to piss off Saraswati and flunk an exam).
# You think pokhara is the best hang out place in Nepal.
# You probably dont know how an American and a British look different.
# You cross a one way street and look at both the sides.
# You judge a religion of a person by his caste.
# You have to eat rice at least once a day, or else u might suffer from gastric.
# You know, nepal ko top actor is Rajesh Hamal.
# If you want anything so bad, bhakal garera bhagwan lai socheko kura na diyesamma u feel bad luck is still full ON.


3 Responses to Nepali hunu ko garva

  1. Sam says:

    dammi hai…..n m proud to be nepali!!

  2. aditya says:

    k ho…brain wash garne ho?? nepal chaadnai mann lagena….huhuh!!!

  3. Pradipta says:

    cool! Nepal is the best!

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