Windows 7 being freely distrubuted to the students in Nepal

After IBM chose to open its branches in Nepal, Microsoft is extending a helpful hands to the enginnering schools here.
They are readily providing genuine Windows 7 OS to the students. The notice boards of the engineering  colleges has been occupied with the proposal.
The students are very much inhibted with Microsoft, because in nepal, piracy has still not be legalized and the students all over the country are used to Microsoft OS(which is obviously pirated), the FOSS community has been trying to setup the habit of using Open Source OS.
The FOSS community are bunch of people, who are in simple words ‘geek’, who love creating and plan on making nepal a free open software country, where microsoft, an expensive piece of OS, would be difficult for the people to own, and thus they are in the urge to replace microsoft with an Open source OS, which is not only cheap, the very least price but also modifiable. Celebrating the joy of giving at the least.
With the increasing use of Open Source OS, in the country has definitely led a revolutionary change to the computer generations, with increasing number of “geeks” being produced, Nepal a small country, though not a point in the world map, has a very secure future for the future technical students.
But it is all upto the users, as of what they chose to use.


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