10 ways of Remembering Your Password

For all those, who cant “Remember me” in the computer.
Here’z how to remember your uncanny, unrealistic password that  you just cant remember(dont get it why you people keep passwords that are a flick from the air)
1. Keep a separate notebook, with the heading ‘Keep off, Danger!!!’, in the first page, enter ‘One more page and i’ll SHOOT YOU’.
2. From the second page, enter all the names of the sites u have logged in as, and enter “sitename.com/.org/.blah blah blah- PaSsWorD”.
3. Always keep the notebook in your bagpack, or else slip it in  your purse.
4. Be Intelligent, drink memory tea.
5. Keep the same password for every account you use.
6. Keep a simple and easy name, so that you can crack after forgetting it.
7. Create a database of  your password.
8. Create Password with Consonants and number and special characters, and memorize it.
9. Choose any name you donot want to forget forever and keep that as your password.
10. Learn how to use the keyboard properly.


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