Nepali hunu ko garva

January 20, 2010

You know you are a nepali when::::

# No you dont have colorful hair.
# You are shy, to be the one to approach first.
# You love momo and waiwai.
# Amrika is the future destination.
# Tea is something you prefer anytime anywhere.
# You tend to be attracted to foreign nationals, with hair unlike yours, white skin and colorful eyes.
# You love serving foreign nationals, when a nepali and a foreinger ask u for a help, you help them first.
# You know Edmund Hillary climed mount everest with Tenzing Norgay, but who else did afterwards?
# You pick up anything thats free, except brochures that look boring but if its got more than 3 pages you pick it up.
# Doctors and Engineers are what most parents dream for their children, over business and law.
# There are about uncountable GODs! because you donot know all of their names.
# You love your country this way, age huda bahira gaera kamaune, age gaepachi nepal ma aera aaram ko jeevan bitaune.
# You still respect Late King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev.
# You see an ulta chappal you get sad for having seen a bad luck and then u turn it right in the hope of not having one.
# A cat crosses the road ahead of you, you stop for a while, let someone cross the road first and then u move ahead.
# You are afraid to step on any paper, or pen (You don’t want to piss off Saraswati and flunk an exam).
# You think pokhara is the best hang out place in Nepal.
# You probably dont know how an American and a British look different.
# You cross a one way street and look at both the sides.
# You judge a religion of a person by his caste.
# You have to eat rice at least once a day, or else u might suffer from gastric.
# You know, nepal ko top actor is Rajesh Hamal.
# If you want anything so bad, bhakal garera bhagwan lai socheko kura na diyesamma u feel bad luck is still full ON.


10 ways of Remembering Your Password

January 11, 2010

For all those, who cant “Remember me” in the computer.
Here’z how to remember your uncanny, unrealistic password that  you just cant remember(dont get it why you people keep passwords that are a flick from the air)
1. Keep a separate notebook, with the heading ‘Keep off, Danger!!!’, in the first page, enter ‘One more page and i’ll SHOOT YOU’.
2. From the second page, enter all the names of the sites u have logged in as, and enter “ blah blah- PaSsWorD”.
3. Always keep the notebook in your bagpack, or else slip it in  your purse.
4. Be Intelligent, drink memory tea.
5. Keep the same password for every account you use.
6. Keep a simple and easy name, so that you can crack after forgetting it.
7. Create a database of  your password.
8. Create Password with Consonants and number and special characters, and memorize it.
9. Choose any name you donot want to forget forever and keep that as your password.
10. Learn how to use the keyboard properly.

Windows 7 being freely distrubuted to the students in Nepal

January 11, 2010

After IBM chose to open its branches in Nepal, Microsoft is extending a helpful hands to the enginnering schools here.
They are readily providing genuine Windows 7 OS to the students. The notice boards of the engineering  colleges has been occupied with the proposal.
The students are very much inhibted with Microsoft, because in nepal, piracy has still not be legalized and the students all over the country are used to Microsoft OS(which is obviously pirated), the FOSS community has been trying to setup the habit of using Open Source OS.
The FOSS community are bunch of people, who are in simple words ‘geek’, who love creating and plan on making nepal a free open software country, where microsoft, an expensive piece of OS, would be difficult for the people to own, and thus they are in the urge to replace microsoft with an Open source OS, which is not only cheap, the very least price but also modifiable. Celebrating the joy of giving at the least.
With the increasing use of Open Source OS, in the country has definitely led a revolutionary change to the computer generations, with increasing number of “geeks” being produced, Nepal a small country, though not a point in the world map, has a very secure future for the future technical students.
But it is all upto the users, as of what they chose to use.