A day without google

U left without a hint! and now I feel all left alone! you had to clear up your head, but you’v messed up mine.

I woke the next day, not a hint of your name, surrounded my way. No no, I m on my way to my work. I still don’t have your name on my mind. I climbed those 80 steps alone, and your still not here, on my head.  I move towards my desk, check my emails and my messenger; I still don’t check your name on it.

Fine you are still out there somewhere, but i can’t seem to catch you.

I work, as each day I have. My perception and my thoughts have been occupied by my un garnished work. You are still concealed somewhere, some place i can hardly sneak into. I try, try to be myself, like I always have, your presence made me feel me, oh! Wait! NO you are not in my head. I type some words, through the board, where the alphabets are wrongly placed, I press hard on them, the keys make some noise, like they always do, the day is superficial, its colorful and my mind is colored all over, I think of you as water drops slides through the window pane behind me, its drizzling and my mind is covered with your uncanny thoughts. The monitor and the cup is juxtaposed, grey translucent smoke come out the cup, and I still have you in my mind. The monitor just is another colorful pixel, which displays everything I’ve been hitting on the wrongly placed board.
I take a sip from the cup, they smell of coffee beans, hot coffee beans, and I take a look at the monitor, its  typed “google google google google google google google google google ” all over the document. I have lost it I seem to type from the two rows of the alphabetically placed board. Its google all over, and I just realized I’ve lost it!


One Response to A day without google

  1. azurebug says:

    what is this article about..Is it on Google and its impact on users? but its nice and I love your writing.. I feel good to see some nice article..they are really unique..I really like them pretty much..They flow such a way and I never feel bored..Short and something sweet and the flow is smooth
    keep up the good work and keep posted

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