Wuff- I m having a hard time with French

French is something i was always knee on understanding, may be the words, the stubborn  pronunciation, those twak, heir! and so many difficult pronunciation was something that fascinated me towards it.
French is believed to be an ancient language, and the English dictionary owes a lot to French words too.
It’s just been about a day or two! that I’ve started pursuing my dream to learning french, at the moment i am starting with a little help from the internet, and thank you everyone who’z been posting the french pronunciation, they have indeed helped me a lot.
Not only are the words difficult to pronounce, they are hard to read as well! I wonder how ‘d the french people learn how to speak french so fluently (:D) . Hats off to you guyz! i wonder do you ever speak normally.

Firstly the alphabets pronounciation!

a reads as ah(ok fine, i get it)
b reads as beh(agreed)
c reads as seh

d reads as deh
e reads as  uh (whats the matter?)
f reads as eff (extra alphabets wasted)

g reads as zheh
h reads as ahsh(ok a new pronounciation, i guess this is french)
i reads as ee
j reads as zhee (another word just got wasted)
k reads as kay
l reads as ell
m reads as em(whats with the e-)
n reads as en(again)
o reads as oh
p reads as peh
q reads as koo
r reads as a^higr (still  having trouble pronoucing it)
s reads as ess
t reads as teh
u reads as ooh (o and u is just an o alphabet away)
v reads as veh
w reads as doo-blah-vey
x reads as eeks( i guess the french have a problem with the word x)
y reads as ee-gh^rek
z reads as zed (its the same thing) .

At the moment i am having pronouncing the  Nombres, wish me luck!


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