Custom Built Hardware Platform

Custom Built hardware platforms are used when the application demands design of a processor-based system as per the customer requirement. In the following section we will study two custom built hardware platform built around ATMEL 89C51 and AVR ATmega 128 microcontrollers. The details will give an insight into the custom built hardware platforms.

1.1 89C51 Micro Controller Development Board
Intel 89C51 family processor are widely used in small embedded systems.

1.1.1 Development board Features

The important features of this Development Board are listed below:

<>On-Board 64MB code flash and 32KB Data RAM
<>RS-232 Interface
<>Regulated Power Supply
<>Push Button
<>8 LEDs
<>All I/O ports easily accessible through Pin Header Connectors
<>11.059 MHz Crystal


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