Heaven’s already here

Like everyday! today is differnt. I woke up early (which indeed is a very tough ritual for me), just to see the color of the sky, to feel the cuddling wamrth of mother nature, and just to be a part of karma. I slagged myself off the bed, and then freshened up. Boiled a glass of hot water, and dipped a tea bag in it.  Without noticing the color, my tea had formed. I just bunked up to the terrace. As i opened the terrace door, I could easily feel the chilly breeze brush up my open loose hair. Some strands even swept across my face. I did not mind! because, the view was just overwheling. It had been long since i felt this good about being a part of this place. Most of the other day, just went by complaining as of how Kathmandu, was a nightmare, with no water, maximum pollution and dirty streets. Everyday going out in the streets would make me feel like how sophisticated, my life had been! Unmobilized dirty plastic bags, unwanted garbages, which meant disharmony and frustation, to this once beautiful palace.

But at the very moment, I keep aside all my agnoies and take a deep breathe, of this peaceful age. who knows i may not see it someday, who knows one day! all is left of this place is an oxygen mask worn by each individuals. The streets of kathmandu has been decorated with garbages and every place is filled with unplesant odour.

But as i stroll around the terrace, I have no hard feelings. The sun is not yet up! The sky is breezy and reddish. The sun is just an inch above the hills, and all of kathmandu finally looks so calm and pleasing. The birds are tweeting and I am still loving the environment. I adject heaven and think! this must slightly look like one.

As the sun ray brighten up the heavenly sky, there must certainly be some one, looking up at the sky just like I did, and thinking what if Kathmandu never lost its charm.


One Response to Heaven’s already here

  1. `aZuReBuG says:

    Nicely composed,pictured, imagined and contemplated.

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