Well. I’d say i really love this feeling of living alone.. mymy wat have i grown like!! duh! I really seem to like the way m living rite now. Alone and pretty content wit my life.. Its ok to live like this for some reasons.. i believe.

Well read Alchemist today and guess lonelyness teaches you to do things u’ve despised for so long.. huh!! din wanna read tat book at all and look at me! I read that book today and finshed it today … intrestingly i must say, I kinda liked the concept the book provided me.. about reaching your destiny…and giving your best to get to it.. nomatter how much ever hardship u may go through.About how santiago, travlled the Soul of the World.. to get to his dreams and desires. And finally ends up getting his finest treasure of all time, Fatima , who he loved from the very first sight. In his way to find his treasure as interpreted accordingly in his dreams , he travells around Africa and sees the great Pyramid and soon lands to find the treasure in his own countryside.. He really has faith in him.. i really liked that..

Well, to get your dreams come true all you have to do is work hard to get what you want.. cause dreams do come true..


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