Lacking Patroitism

Nepal is indeed lonely; though millions of people are residing here, so called Nepalese. Not even a single soul here are ready to die for it.. Everyone are just here in sake of their own reason. After reading what a Koren 15 year old boy had to say about Nepal and its lonely condition . I being a Nepali solely agree to the situation. Nepalese know only how to complain about things, can be a bigger issue or a smaller one! People are only interested staying out of the country and never want to return back because of the poor status of Nepal.. I too had an intention of doing the same thing. But a 15 year old made me realize of the duties i had to perform after being a Nepali. Most of them are always thinking, Why is USA such a powerful country? Don’t you ever want to know the answer?


I’ve studied in Nepal for past 6-7 years now before tat i was a student in India, though i did my prep-schooling here in Nepal i don’t remember purely of what i did or what was i like back then. Being a student in India. I realized about the love Indians have for their country. They way they supported their country no matter what. Though they were Nepalese by ancestral origin, they were a citizen of India now. Getting back to Nepal all i could hear was, how Nepal was only a failure and not a single of my friends wanted to stay in this beautiful country. I too wanted to do the same thing because after returning to Nepal, i was not interested in a single bit of activities here, and the negative echoes.

Every Nepali residing in the foreign countries never want to return back to Nepal. They are always complaining about the poor situation of Nepal and cursing the Nepali traditions and culture. If they really hate it so much why don’t they come here and help it out, we do want the best. But what can anyone else do when the best is always complaining about their own country. So by far i have heard about a single organization that has been run by a Non-Reliable Nepalese, Help Nepal, it was run on a thought that staying abroad they still had an urge of helping Nepal somehow and they started saving about 1-2% of their salary for that organization, and thus the organization is helping Nepal to establish Quality Technological centers all around Nepal.




One Response to Lacking Patroitism

  1. kale says:

    I really thnk nepal has to progress in that field and so much more.. Neplaese have to give more love towards its country or else, we’ll be in no condition of building a good country.

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