May 31, 2013

I experienced that creativity is not just about designs, colours and different forms of graphics. It is ideas that you can generate to help give solutions to problems, brainstorm ideas and solutions and so on.

I am thankful to Prof Dr. Tina Seelina for providing us such great contents and information, which will definitely prove helpful through out our lives personally, professional and acadmically. From writing a book, collecting ideas and values from everywhere we go, re-valuing chewing gums in a whole different ways with so many different ideas, combining different materials to create a whole new piece of important unuseless materials, to brainstorming ideas. Everything from cultivating ideas, brainstorming among teams to realize their potentials and then using those ideas to combine together as something different, getting an opportunity to learn from others. This course has opened up ideas and views that I could never have thought or cultivate on my own.


Call me apathetic! I deserve it.

March 14, 2012

I feel shallow inside,
I ask myself why?
I do nothing,
sit around idle.
Eat, sleep and shit.
The sun rise is vague,
I’v never seen it.
The sun set is boring,
I’v never missed it.
The day is long,
I wake up to it.
I wait for the moon,
So I can dunk in my bed.
I skip counting the stars,
they make me paranoid.
I hate reality,
it suffocates me.
I live on dreams,
they define me.

(MoJo, March 14th, 2012)

I want you

March 9, 2012

Like memories they seem,
the smile, the touch.
The kiss that concealed my thoughts,
they still titiliate my brains.
The smell that aroused my senses,
They worked well untill now.
I try to trace it in everything,
you left behind, but in vain.
We are so much in love,
with so little of what we want.
In these lucid emotions,
I am happy I have you.
I just wish I could touch you.
Not untill now,
I dint want to hold hands.
Now I wish I could hold yours.
Now I wish and I wish.

(Moi, March 12, 2012)

I am glad I have a facebook account.

February 27, 2012

I am finally glad! I joined facebook and surf around other contents and profile. Though sometimes it may seem like a waste, where people hoard only to see pretty faces and handsome lads! For some movie fanatics the artists and the musicians. Facebook, the great social networking site, has evolved with greater aspirations and huge success over the years.
I had a thought of writing a blog about, “what is the use of facebook?” , besides getting in touch with lost friends and reading their daily chores, through the status updates, which analogously isn’t what I actually do to go inside facebook. But since that has had been the trend in the facebook culture, I say I seem to have adapted to the trend quiet easily, and without a hitch.
But, lately facebook is not only about status updates and pictures, it has more to what meets the eye and no wonder, its catching up registrations from almost all age groups, activists, politicians, scientist, artists, employees and so forth!
Facebook in today’s norm has been a boon, rather than a curse ( because for more of those who still think facebook is about status updates, and who rather than doing their homework are addicted to facebook), which used to be one when facebook finally started employing people for the real deal!!
We now have events( you can now share your voices among others and ask them to help you inreturn if you like), philanthropic events,  stories to share, groups( though I think pokes are still annoying), the facebook blog( with updates of new features, good and bad) and  I really think timeline is a great create, but I find the wall too messy to move around.
Of  lately, I’v come across people, who are an inspiration and they inspire from the facebook page, their quotes and the events they host, the initiation they yield, are infact inspiration for people who’v always wanted to something analogous and just didn’t know how to.  There are people who make you realize, yes why not! and they ignite the realm of hope to do something and the idea to start it.
Its not necessarily you should follow their trends, you may have different views of  “How to”? and you may and may not get inspired with everything around facebook, but you do get inspired with someone, some people around you, who inspire you to do good, to be someone, to think of ideas. Some may not be around you physically but virtually you meet people through social networking and that impartially kindles your thoughts to act like one.
Recently , I’m glad I have a facebook account. I can study what people have in their mind, what plans they have for an event, where is the event, and how I can help, and going and jumping through one profile to another I am glad I came across some profiles that though aren’t that famous around faces, but are active and are always eager to “do” something new.

FIrst Year Love Anniversary

February 5, 2012

I’ve been silly my whole life! Have had been awful my whole life! Somehow I always focused on Love, When I turn back the pages of my diary some 8 years back! I see I was love sick!! Rather not being in a realtionship was and had always been my mantra! but somehow one way or the other I always ended up with someone, someone as in knowing someone personally , always being a good friend or someone’s love interest. Shockingly, looking back and turning the pages, I think I promoted all that was going on around me, though I never welcomed them personally.

Love was so important to me that I rant about love, give my own definitions to love, celebrated love and thought love was pure and humongous. Well love still is humongous , but I’d rather say I witnessed it differntly when i was a child! I was a 14 years old silly kid! Anyways now that time has passed and left me with a slight scar that is rather healing , still healing in the long 8 years time. I’d say I m glad I have that scar, but now I’d rather want it to vanish and make things smooth!  Everything may look smooth from the outer world! But it will rather have a scar within me for always and I know that. Looking back at how things went and ended and commenced again. I have no regrets as of now! and I think that is a good way to start living each day refined.

One Year of Relationship,

Months of Togetherness,

Weeks of Memories,

Days of Rememberance,

Hours of Sentiments,

Minutes of Care,

Seconds of Love for eachother,

Thats what We share

-MJ (6th March , 2004, Dharan)

Father, what is a Legisla…

December 19, 2011

Father, what is a Legislature?
A representative body elected by the people of the
Are women people?
No, my son, criminals, lunatics and women are not
Do legislators legislate for nothing?
Oh, no; they are paid a salary.
By whom?
By the people.
Are women people?
Of course, my son, just as much as men are.

(“I hate a woman who is not a mystery to herself, as
well as to me.”–The Phoenix.)
If you want a receipt for that popular mystery
Known to the world as a Woman of Charm,
Take all the conspicuous ladies of history,
Mix them all up without doing them harm.
The beauty of Helen, the warmth of Cleopatra,
Salome’s notorious skill in the dance,
The dusky allure of the belles of Sumatra,
The fashion and finish of ladies from France.
The youth of Susanna, beloved by an elder,
The wit of a Chambers’ incomparable minx,
The conjugal views of the patient Griselda,
The fire of Sappho, the calm of the Sphinx,
The eyes of La Vallière, the voice of Cordelia,
The musical gifts of the sainted Cecelia,
Trilby and Carmen and Ruth and Ophelia,
Madame de Staël and the matron Cornelia,
Iseult, Hypatia and naughty Nell Gwynn,
Una, Titania and Elinor Glyn.
Take of these elements all that is fusible,
Melt ’em all down in a pipkin or crucible,
Set ’em to simmer and take off the scum,
And a Woman of Charm is the residuum!
(Slightly adapted from W.S. Gilbert.)


Home and Where It Is
(An Indiana judge has recently ruled: As to the right
of the husband to decide the location of the home
that “home is where the husband is.”)
Home is where the husband is,
Be it near or be it far,
Office, theatre, Pullman car,
Poolroom, polls, or corner bar–
All good wives remember this–
Home is where the husband is.
Woman’s place is home, I wis.
Leave your family bacon frying,
Leave your wash and dishes drying,
Leave your little children crying;
Join your husband, near or far,
At the club or corner bar,
For the court has taught us this:
“Home is where the husband is.”


Who is it thinks the vote some use?
Man. (Man is often such a goose!)
Indeed it makes me laugh to see
How men have struggled to be free.
Poor Washington, who meant so well,
And Nathan Hale and William Tell,
Hampden and Bolivar and Pym,
And L’Ouverture–remember him?
And Garibaldi and Kossuth,
And some who threw away their youth,
All bitten by the stupid notion
That liberty was worth emotion.
They could not get it through their heads
That if they stayed tucked up in beds,
Avoiding politics and strife,
They’d lead a pleasant, peaceful life.
Let us, dear sisters, never make
Such a ridiculous mistake;
But teach our children o’er and o’er
That liberty is just a chore.


(“The Latin man believes that giving woman the
vote will make her less attractive.”–Anna H. Shaw.)
They must sacrifice their beauty
Who would do their civic duty,
Who the polling booth would enter,
Who the ballot box would use;
As they drop their ballots in it
Men and women in a minute,
Lose their charm, the antis tell us,
But–the men have less to lose.

Summed it all up! Ma vie

November 12, 2010

I wrote a book, when I was 10,
& Yes, that was with a black Pen.

I don’t remember the pages,
But no, they weren’t of sages.

I wanted to try a fairy tale,
The fairy I created was a male.

He was lovely and kind,
anything done, he wouldn’t mind.

He played serene music with flute,
After that I dint write anything & I got mute.

I grew up, about 15 or 16,
I looked around, the world turned mean.

I wanted to write about love and life,
But everything felt sharp as a knife.

I fell in love, that’s what I thought,
Until I came across another guy, I’d never sought.

& then I realized love was never my cuppa tea,
I measured it as small as the size of a pea.

Now I’m 23,
I claim to be free.

My friends are in love, they’r sticking to it,
Me over here, I’m still clueless about it.

I know, I’m nothing like them,
But you just cant call it lame.

I want to go around, see different faces,
Someday I plan to go around, difficult places.

And so, I don’t want you to remember me,
Because someday, I may never come back, you see!!!!